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Overdraft Linked Loans

Overdraft refers to overdrawing. Unlike a traditional house loan or an LAP, which are both considered term loans, an overdraft loan provides a consumer with a great deal of flexibility.


Some banks combine an overdraft loan service with a house loan.


This loan is connected to a current account created in the borrower's name; any money deposited in the bank account is offset against the loan's outstanding principal, and interest is paid on the balance amount.


We are a Delhi-based organisation that provides overdraft lending services to clients involved in various vocations and economic activities. We have been providing a full variety of financial services in the finance sector, including overdraft lending facilities.


We are known for our professional dealings and a rigorous commitment to providing the best Overdraft Loan Services in Delhi NCR to our clients. Clients can acquire overdraft borrowing facilities from us at attractive rates and terms.


Your bank will charge you interest from the moment you borrow until you repay. In an overdraft, you may return the lender in full or in part anytime you wish. After repaying anytime you have money, you can take funds from your account as needed until the overdraft limit is met. An overdraft facility used by a borrower through his or her bank account is not secured by anything belonging to the bank but if the lender obtains an overdraft using his or her possessions as security, it is referred to as a secured overdraft. These assets consist of the funds in your bank account as well as your house, your automobile, your fixed deposits (FDs), your stocks, your bonds, and so forth. It's also worth noting that interest rates and overdraft limits vary based on the collateral. So because overdraft sum is not returned according to a specified timetable, interest is charged daily. Without the borrower's prior consent, the borrowed funds may be returned.


If you want to utilise the Overdraft Loan Services in Delhi NCR, your home loan account is linked to your savings or current account. Your payments are deposited into your home loan account. Prepayment of a home loan is defined as any amount in excess of the EMI. The additional funds are applied to your outstanding principal, reducing your mortgage payment and interest rate. More the money you deposit into your home loan fund, the faster it will be paid off. You can transfer any money from your savings to your home mortgage overdraft account right now.


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